I've built prototypes and experiments with unity. It has been a core technology in my toolkit over the years and a rewarding process. Currently I'm building a platformer called blue crystal.

I build games in Unity. It's provided me with the foundation to jump into multiplayer games with it's network manager. I taught myself C# and used experiments to solidify my experiences and studies. My prototype 20xx takes advantage of that. I've also built a mobile game in unity. It's not on display here, but it's a silly flappy bird clone called chirpy derpy.

I'm working on the platformer labeled "A" in my spare time. I have 3 chars so far but I'm planning to add more. This is my first narrative driven game. Writing is proving difficult but I'll get through it with practice.

The game labeled "B" is an exercise in art and animation I drew the sprites and background. I tried my best to get the colors to complement each other. The animations here aren't rigged, but they're in 3d space.

In the space game exampled labeled "C", I learned how to integrate Mongodb, a technology I've had a lot of experience with, into Unity. I've used it to keep track of the ships players build and save games. I learned about playerperfs and started out with saving in files on the system but since it's multiplayer and the backend was using mongodb I thought it would be fun to make the game client use Mongodb as well.

I'm new to C++. The games displayed here are my first 2 projects. My experiences in other languages has accelerated my studies.

I'm learning c++ to be as helpful as I can be. I decided that my first projects would be simple games that I could easily complete so I could focus on architecture and learning the quirks of c++. I'm stressing learning the foundation and basics. It's been a fun challenge for me these last couple days. I've been using Visual Studios to debug and build these projects.

The pong clone "A" shown here was my first project. I'm using SDL and the SDL_image extension for it to render stuff. It's my first dive into c++ so the code is understandably a little rough. Instead of just throwing everything into one file, I've spent time learning how projects should be organized, how to build reusable classes, inheritance, and interact between them.

Snake is my second sample and it has noticeably less hiccups. It's labeled "B". I'm still learning a lot about c++. Snake has some edge cases fixes and frame rate code in it. Here I get to put my classes to better use. The sections in the snake's body are all instances of a class and they get built and cleaned up properly. I could have just moved the last body part to where the snake head used to be, but that's no fun.

I have the most experience in JS. I tend to build games about numbers and incremental progress. My experience in web development trickle into my web based games.

I've spent a lot of time using Javascript building websites. I've taken the design patterns, practices and discipline earned and carried it into the js games I build. The JS examples have a lot of buttons and pages and usually have a good amount of numbers going on. I like incremental games so I build them. These ones aren't as pretty because they're 100% built for me.

The top left is a game called confectionary collector, or c*ndy empirical depending on who you ask. It's a game I've published digitally and built on AngularJs. It was built as a code example but I've gone and fleshed it out a little bit. It currently has had 70,000 players believe it or not. I will revisit it soon, I have an update that adds more achievements and upgrades that needs a little finishing touches.

Match 3 game in the bottom left is TacoFish. It's also built with Angular but is more recent. Even though the match 3 is the most prominent feature visually, the game is an experiment into random generation. It's compiled with Webpack and Babel so I can use fancy new Javascript stuff. I also started using Adobe Muse in this project. In more recent projects, this website included, I moved onto Adobe InDesign.

The last one in the bottom right is a powerball simulator. I made it when there was a big craze about the lotto and simulators on the market where clunky.

Team Work

These are just some of the games I've built with other people. I spent 5 years as an engineer working with both medium and small teams to build websites and it's taught me the value of working in a team. I've joined the club gamkedo to build games together with other devs. I've helped out on a good amount of projects so far and it's been a really rewarding pursuit.